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Are you or your child interested in participating in a sport? Don’t go on the field without getting your physical exam from the team at Sean R. Thomas, MD, Inc. & Associates, located in Aliso Viejo, California. The team offers professional, compassionate, and thorough physical exams for adults and kids by appointment. To learn more, call or use the online booking tool today.

Sports Physical Q & A

What is a sports physical?

A sports physical is a medical visit that the team at Sean R. Thomas, MD, Inc. & Associates uses to make sure that you’re healthy enough for sports.

Usually, sports physicals are for school, since most states require children and teens to get a sports physical before they start a new sport or begin a new season. However, even if your school or league doesn’t require a sports physical, most doctors recommend them.

What happens during a sports physical?

During this visit, the team evaluates your medical history and performs a physical exam.

Medical history

The team learns your health history by asking you questions about things like:

  • Allergies
  • Any chronic illnesses you have or had (asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, etc.)
  • Serious illnesses within your family
  • Any ailments or injuries you have
  • Your current medications, including over-the-counter
  • Past injuries that could interfere with your ability to participate in a sport

They also ask if, during exercise, you’ve ever passed out or experienced dizziness, chest pain, or shortness of breath.

If you’re a female past puberty, the team may also ask you questions about your period and diet, to make sure you’re not putting yourself at risk for health problems due to poor eating while exercising.

Physical exam

During the physical exam portion of your visit, the team at Sean R. Thomas, MD, Inc. & Associates determines your health by examining your body. Routine elements include:

  • Measuring your height and weight
  • Checking your eyesight
  • Listening to your heart
  • Checking your blood pressure and pulse
  • Evaluating your strength, flexibility, posture, and joints

These tests help the team determine whether or not you carry any cardiovascular risks, and whether or not you suffer from any physical limitations.

Once they’ve completed the task, your provider typically fills out a form certifying your clean bill of health. If they believe you’re at risk for a health problem, they may have you book an additional appointment, or provide you with advice or special instructions for your health during sports play.

Do I need a sports physical?

If you or your teen is interested in playing a school sport, you need to book a sports physical every year before the season begins. Also, you may need a sports physical if you play on a recreational or club sports team.  

If you or your child are in need of a sports physical, turn to the expert team at Sean R. Thomas, MD, Inc. & Associates. Get the ball rolling by booking your appointment online or over the phone today.